Help with your application

Find out what support is available to assist you with your application

Dedicated staff in the scheme administration team are available to support you to complete and submit the application form. To access this support please call us on 020 7527 3254 or email

We understand that recounting experiences of abuse may be difficult. The scheme is part of the council’s wider support available for survivors. This includes trauma support and support to access care records, work and learning, housing and welfare advice, and community, health and wellbeing activities. For more information visit the council’s website.

Help from a friend, relative or support group

You may at any stage of the application process nominate one other person of your choice to assist with your application. This other person may be a friend, relative and/or support group.

Applicant capacity

It is important that an applicant who lacks the mental capacity required legally to run their personal affairs has appropriate personal representation to support them in applying for the scheme. If it appears at any stage that the applicant lacks this capacity, the support team will facilitate the appointment of an appropriate personal representative for the applicant, referring the matter to the Court of Protection if required. The application cannot be progressed further until this is in place.


The scheme is designed to be accessible without the need for legal representation. It does not, therefore, allow for payment of legal or other representatives' fees. In the event that an applicant obtains legal representation in relation to an application, Islington Council will not be responsible for any legal costs incurred by the applicant.