Application process

The different stages of the application process, timescales, and what to do if you would like to withdraw your application.

The Islington Support Payment Scheme has four stages:

  1. completion and submission of an application form by the applicant;
  2. confirmation checks to corroborate the identity of the applicant and to check for forgery and any adverse issues;
  3. assessment of the application;
  4. a fourth stage may be required in which the application is referred to the Independent Appeal Panel in the event that the threshold to make a support payment has not been met at stage 3 or that adverse issues are identified.

Administration of the scheme

The scheme is administered by the Support Payment Team. Those involved will treat all matters relating to your application with the strictest confidence and include:

Case officers

Staff recruited by the council specifically for the administration of the scheme and who will be the first point of contact throughout the application process. They can help with questions regarding:

  • how to complete an application form
  • obtaining supporting documentation
  • signposting to support

Independent service provider (ISP)

DAC Beachcroft LLP is the independent organisation with who will assess and decide the applications.

Independent Appeal Panel (IAP)

The panel will receive referred applications where the independent service provider has not been able to accept them. The panel consists of three people independent of the council or the independent service provider, who have expertise in a combination of legal services, social care or the community or charity sector.

How you will be notified of the decision

You will receive written confirmation as soon as a decision has been reached.

Time it takes for accepted applications

Stage of process  Amount of time 
Register application 1 week
Request and collect care file 3 weeks
Scan and upload applicant file 1 week
Send to independent solicitors 1 week
Additional information to independent solicitors (from applicant or medical professional, if needed) 1 week
Independent assessment 8 weeks
Bank verification 2 working days
Funds to clear in applicant account 5 working days

Withdrawing your application

You can withdraw your application at any point prior to a support payment being made. This can be done by notifying the Support Payment Team team in writing by email or post to Islington Support Payment Scheme, 222 Upper Street, N1 1XR.